Domo is an independent, Canadian-owned and operated business based in Vancouver. We love tea: its story, its origins, what it represents and what it can do for us. Our goal is to reinvent tea, fusing its traditional qualities with fresh ideas and flavours. 

Our Products

At Domo we blend the old with new to create a unique tea experience. The purists might say tea should be unadulterated, which is fine if that’s your thing.... we just think you can have a little fun without being too academic about it. No, you probably won't be having a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with our tea, but unless you have a ceremonial kimono, a four-foot tatami mat and an awful lot of time on your hands, that might work out in your favour. You also won't need a hand-thrown clay bowl, a bamboo ladle, a silk cloth, a tea whisk or a brocaded kobukusa. Instead, you'll enjoy authentic, organic green, rooibos, and chai teas enhanced with all-natural flavours, in the same time it takes to make a cup of hot chocolate.

Our Approach

As a company, Domo is all about balance. Hard work, persistence and diligence are important factors in starting and growing a business - but at the same time, we don't take every little thing too seriously. That's why we always have company meetings in a restaurant or bar. For us, growing the company isn't really work, it's a social experience with business objectives attached. We're excited about what we're doing and genuinely care about the outcome and our customers. Heart and soul, common sense and a willingness to approach things with openness and positivity is what drives our decision-making process.

We think this is a good approach for life, as well as for tea. We aren't interested in producing expensive, pretentious products that rely on complicated equipment and a process nobody has time for. Tea can be easy and convenient while still adding a touch of exotic flair to your kitchen.

Why not?